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Downsizing & Advising 

Downsizing and Advising

Whether you are downsizing, relocating, or clearing out a family member’s home (or your home), the process can be overwhelming: determining what items have value and should be passed down versus what should be donated or sold. As a certified appraiser combined with an associate degree in interior design, Ms. Duke has the experience, knowledge and skill set to assist in the selection what household objects should be transported to your new location or retained for your new or existing space.

Downsizing Logistics

At any desired level of involvement, Ms. Duke can organize and coordinate the transportation of the retained objects from their existing location to their new location. For some clients, this makes available a "turn-key" approach to the downsizing project and mitigates many of the logistical headaches.


Frequently, clients just want to have an inventory of the personal property they own.  Each item would be identified by name, dimensions, material, manufacturer/artist and approximate age. This is solely an inventory list with no appraisal values given. Although, it may suggest certain items be appraised for insurance replacement value after the inventory has been completed. A written appraisal would be done for those items separately.

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